HR Consulting

Reman believe in providing a practical approach to HR Consultancy, and through support, and project work we aim provide enhanced performance within your business by resolving your people issues and providing people based services that improve your existing human resources practices and processes. Consultancy can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and our flexible and bespoke solutions ensure that we can meet your individual needs at a cost effective approach.Some of our consultancy work includes:


Policies & Procedures

We offer a full service to review, develop and implement HR policies and procedures – no matter what the requirement is for. This can be anything from Absence, Disciplinary or Grievance to Smoking, Working Time or Maternity.


• This process ensures that you are up to date with all current HR legislation and best practice.
• Have access to policies that are already working in a number of organisations
• Customised service to suit your business needs


Employee Surveys

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Surveys are often better received if they are conducted by an external, and unbiased third party organisation. Depending on your organisational needs, we can offer a number of bespoke paper based or online surveys.


Key topics often include culture, motivation, attitudes, communication, organisational change, training and development.


• We can assess moral and motivation within employees
• Identify areas for improvement
• Benchmark you against other organisations
• Measure and monitor your progress against goals,
• Identify hidden problem areas
• Offer resolution to problem areas


HR Business Planning

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Like other key areas of the business, HR requires a predefined strategy to ensure that it is in line with business goals and objectives.


We can help your organisation focus on


• Recruitment, Selection and Retention.
• Training & Development,
• HR Brand,
• Goal Alignment


HR Compliance

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A key advantage of retaining a HR Consultancy, is to ensure that your business is compliant with all current HR legislation, and as far as possible – future proofed against anything pending. With today’s litigious society, the cost of not being compliant can be very damaging to organisations both small and large.


HR Strategy

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At Reman HR we can provide a full audit of your HR department and processes to ensure that everything is up to date, and appropriate for the size and type of business that you are. This can include discussions with managers to ensure that they’re own knowledge is sufficient, particularly surrounding recruitment, people management and training and development.


Outplacement Support / Career Transition

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Unfortunately in the current climate, a lot of organisations are being faced with the prospect of downsizing or redundancy of some scale. If this is a route your business needs to go down, then we can provide a wide range of support and guidance for any employees affected by this. We provide cost effective, professional outplacement support whether it is for an individual or group of employees.


At Reman HR we offer a flexible service, based on agreeing a set number of hours of support for each employee, then allowing the employee to decide how to allocate their support time from a selection of relevant outplacement services.


We also have some pre-packaged services, which offer a premium, standard and basic program for employees.


The concept behind it all is that you are helping the employee through the difficult time, by assisting them with securing alternative employment. It can also help them build confidence, and have some practical skills to take with them to the job hunting market.


Performance Management

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We have a wide ranging experience of working with businesses to develop and implement effective, easy to use and practical performance management systems, policies and procedures. This is a critical concept to implement, no matter what size of business you are.


We are able to design and develop bespoke performance management systems, assist with the roll out and training to managers, employees and other key stake holders.


The aim of effective performance management is to improve employee motivation and commitment, and from a business perspective it allows more effective objective setting and assessment of employee performance in working towards organisational goals.


Talent Management

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Talent management is about attracting the right employees, for the right roles, and ensuring that as much as possible they seamlessly integrate effectively into your organisation. Once you have them onboard you need to ensure that they are continually developed, offering potential career progression, challenges and development opportunities.


Hiring the right person is often just the first step, it is then essential that sufficient time is spent on developing and retaining them once employed. Successful talent management systems needs to run through the entire organisation, and is championed by all line managers (not just HR).


The key benefits of Talent Management are:
• Recruitment and selection of new employees
• Development and roll out of employee induction programmes
• Assessment of training requirements
• Performance management support and advice to improve poor performance and help promote good performance
• Staff retention consultancy
• Reduce staff turnover leading to cost savings
• Maximise the ROI of your employees
• Improve career opportunities
• Enhance your brand and reputation


Staff Retention

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Staff turnover can impact every business – large and small. Too high a turnover and business performance can be impacted, too low and a lack of new and fresh talent coming into the business will be evident.


The cost of turnover is difficult to put an exact figure on – but after the hard costs of recruitment, you then have costs associated with training, getting up to speed, lower performance etc, all of which can be minimised by a reduced turnover.


Some of the services on offer are:


• Employee motivation surveys
• Employee induction programmes
• New start employee feedback
• Exit interviews
• Policy and process audits and amendments
• Recruitment and Selection process reviews
• Training and development process reviews
• Reduced recruitment and selection costs



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Reman HR can help organisations develop and implement effective, and practical appraisal processes. With extensive experience of both the design and implementation, we can assist organisations through:
Design and development of appraisal systems
Implementation and roll out
Training of managers and employees in how to use the appraisal system
Evaluation and feedback of the appraisal system to ensure it is effectiveA good appraisal system ensures effective objective setting, and the assessment of employee performance in working towards business goals and objectives. An effective appraisal system provides employees with the opportunity to raise, discuss and resolve any work based issues – although it should always be said that a culture within the company should allow this to happen at the earliest opportunity.Through this process we can help you improve the identification of training needs, and link these through the appraisal process to business objectives


Discipline & Grievance

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Disciplinary and grievance issues are an unfortunate part of most businesses, and can arise in even the most well managed organisations, it is therefore essential that you have well documented, practical disciplinary processes and procedures in place so you can effectively deal with any problem when it occurs.• At Reman HR we can develop or implement discipline and grievance policies and procedures, train line managers and supervisors on how to manage them.


• Provide consultancy support or advice on how to manage a disciplinary or grievance issue
• Provide a HR Consultant to deliver hands-on support and act as your internal HR presence to ensure you manage any discipline or grievance process in line with your company policies and that comply with employment legislation.
• We can ensure you comply with best practice techniques which are outlined in the ACAS Code of Practice
• We can help mitigate or minimise the risks associated with an employment tribunal through proactive and professional HR advice


Assessment Centre

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Recruitment is a dark art in many respects, with the concept of hiring the right employee left to an element of luck. Research shows that traditional interviews only have a 1 in 10 chance of selecting a candidate who is an excellent fit for the role and organisation. To significantly improve this, assessment centres are increasingly being used as a key part of the selection process.Assessment Centres use role and organisation specific competencies to evaluate candidates. A range of activities related to the role together with ability and psychometric testing combine to test candidates more rigorously and fairly and to provide the employer with the opportunity to make a more informed and accurate hiring decision.Whether you have a group of candidates to assess or just one strong candidate you would like to evaluate thoroughly, our assessment centre solutions will meet your needs.


Assessment centres are more objective and in depth than recruitment interviews alone, and ultimately provide a more rounded view of the candidates strengths and weaknesses. They are also more likely to produce and more extensive set of results which can be discussed and evaluated by the critical stakeholders.


The process is often perceived by candidates to be a more robust, fair and objective process – and even puts the business into a higher level of professionalism.


Psychometric Testing

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Psychometric Assessments provide a standardised, objective, valid and reliable method of assessing individuals or groups on a range of dimensions such as personality, motivation, verbal ability and numerical skills.If you don’t want to go through a full assessment centre, but still want some more objective results to base your decision on, then we can provide both personality profiling, along with a series of other intelligence tests to provide a more rounded view.These can either be done in person, or via an online portal.


Outside of recruitment, they can also be used to develop the people and teams within your organisation, and understand and utilise talent within your organisation.