It’s officially the last full week (working week that is) before Christmas, we will be operating to some extent on Christmas Eve (pub by noon) – but then it’s full on festivities for a week.

December has slowly being getting quieter as we draw nearer and nearer to the big day, so whilst finding myself with a free 30 mins I thought I would blog away…

The website I am happy to say is almost ready – just a bit of snagging to discuss with the IT Developer and we should be away… That’s for website number 1 btw, straight after that we have the ecommerce business to follow – even more exciting to some extent!!!

I’m still doing a bit more content for the site, in terms of a few downloadable documents – but they are more about offering instantaneous messages (and not so much about lots of words). Testing my artistic side as well, which isn’t a strong point to put it mildly – but I know what I like, so hopefully it will be fine.

More important than anything it’s the first Christmas for my little boy William – and I can’t wait. Although he won’t have a clue what’s going on, there will be that many outfits, photos and presents that I’m sure we’ll be able to remind him of it when he’s older.

Ultimately, have a great Christmas everyone – and see you in the new year!!!


ps – more HR relevant posts to come in the new year – promise

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