Monday absence blues has always been a bit of an urban legend, or is it… After doing a bit of a blasé post on Facebook yesterday about Monday absence I thought I would look into it a little more bit more and do a follow up…

The following is more theory than fact, but surely that’s what blogs are all about!!!

In 2009 Mercer did a study on 11,000 employee records, and found that sickness patterns accounted for the below split:

  1. Monday – 35%
  2. Tuesday – 23%
  3. Wednesday – 21%
  4. Thursday – 18%
  5. Friday – 3%

Those results on their own are astounding enough, but if we look at another study by the ESLI, they concurred that the average employee took 11 days off per year (11.35 to be precise).

So if we combine the two bits of research together we come up with the following:

  1. Monday – 35% (43697 days)
  2. Tuesday – 23% (28715 days)
  3. Wednesday – 21% (26218 days)
  4. Thursday – 18% (22473 days)
  5. Friday – 3% (3745 days)

Now for the bit where science gets thrown out of the window – IF we assume that Friday is no different to any other day of the week, and that everyone who is off on a Friday is genuinely ill… so therefore every other day only has 3% of genuine illness as well. Therefore 18725 (3745 x 5) are the amount of genuine illness in any given year by all these 11,000 employees, and 106,123 days of illegitimate sick days… effectively meaning that 85% of sickness is NONE genuine…

Like I said, a distinct lack of fact there, but it certainly asks a few questions of the culture we are living within today, and why as a HR Consultancy I am constantly asked about the best ways to manage absence… I will however save that for another blog!!! what’s my ip . hosting information .

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