Have you ever come across one of those employees that don’t listen to a single word you say, well this HR Consultant has such a delightful confrontation earlier today… and knew before I stepped into the breach that this would be the case.

This particular case was around a supervisor who effectively showed very little desire to manage the employees who reported into them, and decided to ignore them instead. Hoping this would send a message… what an ingenious plan…

I talked to the supervisor about the error of their ways, but no matter what I said it really made no impression and failed to sink home. I got to the point when I discussed how his behaviour could have legal repercussions should someone decide to claim constructive dismissal – and out came my very favourite one liner! “well I’ve spoken to my mates missus, and she claims I’ve done nothing wrong, and she’s a Head of HR”…. oh really, this would be her opinion based on your extremely one sided version of events – and without any element of hard evidence in front of them. what’s my ip This is in no way a slight on the ‘Head of HR’ as we are all guilty of imparting advice without having all the facts – but is more related to the fact that everyone know’s someone who is Head of HR, and as long as their opinion agrees with their own – then that is obviously the right opinion.

This HR Consultant knows differently (having been that Head of HR himself in the non to distant past).

The way to approach this kind of employee that won’t listen is as follows:

  1. Make sure you are fully prepared for the meeting, and have a list of elements that you want to discuss.
  2. Keep a calm head, and counter arguments in a reasoned manner.
  3. Don’t be afraid to tell the employee that they are wrong.
  4. If the conversation doesn’t go to plan, then finalise the meeting with the employee by telling them that you are going to be monitoring their performance, and arrange a follow up meeting. Ensure that this happens, and a formal process is considered if necessary.

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