So here I am towards the end of training for my first sprint triathlon in about 5 years, whilst I used to be fairly good at these kinds of events, it appears a lack of training and slight weight gain has basically sent me back to square one… I’m now five days away from the event in which I have managed to get 5 of my closest friends to also enter – so as you guessed it the rivalry is right up there.

One slight snag is that during the last week you’re supposed to ‘taper’ your training levels down – but due to the almost never ending rain, it is making it almost impossible to get out and train (without getting drenched)

The final element is that I didn’t want to buy any new triathlon clothing, so I needed to be able to get into my old gear (without looking like a muffin top), unfortunately due to a few missed session, and the odd treat or five too many – my target of losing 20 pounds, has actually only ended up with me losing 10 pounds – not completely terrible, but also not enough to flatter the tri suit I have to wear!!!

Unfortunately I’m going to turn this into a business analogy as to where the likenesses are:
1 – Always ensure you set yourself reasonable targets, if you have been able to do it before then there is no reason why you can’t do it again.
2 – Set yourself a schedule and stick to it, otherwise you may not meet your business goals.
3 – Allow for unexpected delays to hamper your timescales, so ensure you build buffer into their and mitigate the risks.
4 – Keep your eye on the competition, so you know what they are doing and can amend your strategy to compensate.

All in all, make sure you plan to succeed – and if you can have fun along the way then even better.

Well, I better go and find that wetsuit for my run this evening… what’s my ip . hosting information

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